April 15, 2014

Ready to Sell? You better be ready to MOVE!

North Texas home inventories are down more than 10 percent this year. (DMN files)

If you plan to sell your house this spring, you’d better be ready to move.

More than one in 10 houses that are put on the market in the Dallas area are sold within three days of the sign going up, according to a new report by Redfin.com.

In Austin, more than 20 percent of houses are sold within the first three days of listing.

The fastest selling market is Denver, where more than 27 percent of houses are sold with 72 hours of hitting the market.

On average it takes 60 days to sell a house in North Texas.

But almost 40 percent of Dallas-area houses sells within two weeks, Redfin.com reports.

The number of houses for sale by real estate agents in North Texas is down about 12 percent this year from 2013. And last year was one of the tightest housing markets on records.

At the end of March there was only a 2.6-month inventory of preowned houses listed for sale with real estate agents – less than have the “normal” rate in North Texas.



**Information provided by The Dallas Morning News **

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